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De AIFM directive bent u voorbereid?

Op 22 juli 2013 zal de AIFM directive (Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive, AIFMD) van toepassing zijn in Nederland. Wat zijn de implicaties? En voor wie zijn deze van toepassing?

Wilt u meer weten over de onderwerpen in relatie tot deze richtlijn? Bent u benieuwd naar de veranderingen omtrent waardering en liquiditeitsmanagement? Leest u dan verder middels onderstaande link voor een verdere beschrijving van de implicaties en richtlijnen van de AIFMD. Mocht u naar aanleiding hiervan of in het algemeen vragen hebben, neemt u dan vrijblijvend contact op met Accuracy!


Business acquisition: the next day...

Company leaders do not hesitate to enlist consulting services to carry out acquisition processes. During the following integration phase, management's attention naturally focuses on the operational aspects. Yet, the mastery of financial and accounting issues is essential for legal and fiscal security as well as for the sustainability of the new organisation.


Financial valuation: do we still need WACC?

With the new IAS-IFRS accounting standards, financial valuation and the DCF (Discounted Cash Flows) method more particularly, have taken on key importance in the process of preparing consolidated accounts. This prospect is somewhat preoccupying given the lack of consensus on how to determine the discount rate, a key parameter in the DCF method and one that is familiar to financiers under its English acronym WACC.


The contribution of economic and sector analysis in the valuation of damages?

The strength and relevance of economic arguments are becoming increasingly important in valuations of damages, whether it involves a case as diverse as an intellectual property dispute, a failure to disclose by the seller, a violation of competition rules, or a wrongful termination of a contract.